Il Magnifico Tony Carrera

by Gianni Marchetti

  • Catalogue number: TRS11
  • Label: Transversales
  • Format: LP
  • Release date: 28/05/2019
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First ever LP reissue of this ultra rare italian soundtrack originaly released on cult CAM label. Gianni Marchetti wrote this beautiful score for the Eurospy film « il Magnifico Tony Carrera » as he was more of a songwritter than a film composer. The score includes lots of different atmospheres and crazy arrangements : from fuzzy dark psychedelic themes with harpischord and haunted choirs (performed by the famous 4 + 4 di Nora Orlandi) to angelic and dreamy vocal themes. Also contains some tense climax sitar tunes with beautiful bass sound.
Compared to the original CAM LP, this reissue dropped some uninteresting carnivalesque tracks in order to include some nice unreleased variations of the themes, plus all the suspense cues that were largely removed from the original tracklisting. « Il magnifico is definitely a major score of the Italian Silver Age Remastered from Original master Tapes. Limited Edition

Music composed and orchestrated by Gianni Marchetti Choir : 4 + 4 di Nora Orlandi
Executive Production by Sébastien Rosat & Jonathan Fitoussi
Mastering : Benjamin Joubert at Biduloscope
Graphic design : Jean-Philippe Talaga
(P) 1969 Creazioni Artistiche Musicali C.A.M. srl

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