Live In Paris 1975

by Pharoah Sanders

  • Catalogue number: TRS15
  • Label: Transversales
  • Format: LP
  • Release date: 13/03/2020
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ORTF Recordings by the Pharoah Sanders Quartet,
live at Studio 104, Maison de la Radio, Paris.
Deluxe Edition – Classic Gatefold Tip-On Jacket
including exclusive liner notes and pictures.
First official release.
Mastered from the original master tapes.

Pharoah Sanders Quartet :
Saxophone ténor : Pharoah Sanders
Piano et Orgue : Danny Mixon
Contrebasse : Calvin Hill
Batterie : Greg Bandy
Production exécutive : Jonathan Fitoussi & Sébastien Rosat.
Restauration sonore : Ian Debeerst.
Coordination juridique : Léo Puy.
Graphisme : Jean-Philippe Talaga.
Texte : Jacques Denis.

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