César et Rosalie

by Philippe Sarde

  • Catalogue number: TRS20
  • Label: Transversales
  • Format: LP
  • Release date: 12/07/2021
  • Buy on bandcamp

After « Les choses de la vie », Transversales proudly presents the first ever LP reissue of this classic Philippe Sarde soundtrack.
« As it happens, Philippe is less interested in his natural function which is to write music sheets… than in the film itself. And I, somehow, am as much, and perhaps more interested in the music than in the film itself. There lies the deep reason for our paradoxical relationship.” These are the words French film director Claude Sautet used to define his collaboration with the French prodigious composer.
The « Cesar et Rosalie » score is like a magical bridge linking baroque and electronic music, mixing Moog synthesizer sequences with acoustic instruments.
Compared to the original CAM LP, this reissue contains 6 unreleased tracks that were removed from the original tracklisting. Among them a Mariage 72 in Bacharach style and a beautiful piano version of the theme performed by Philippe Sarde himself. It obviously contains Romy Schneider’s famous voice-over in the unforgettable track La lettre de Rosalie.

Production Executive : Sébastien Rosat et Jonathan Fitoussi
Mastering : Benjamin Joubert at Biduloscope
Montage album: Bruno Communal et Sébastien Rosat
Texte : Stéphane Lerouge
Traduction : Michèle Parent
Direction artistique & graphisme : Jean-Philippe Talaga

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